What is Executive Production?

We consult with organisations on games and games related projects.

Investors, brand owners and publishers

We help to understand the market feasibility of new projects with the games sector and provide oversight from pre-production through to live operations. 

We also provide business development services, helping to find suitable developers and projects.


We help convert ideas into actionable designs with effective monetisation strategies embedded from the start.

We can also assist with introductions to financiers & IP owners as well as offering mentoring for all stages of the game development lifecycle.

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About Us

Fundamentally Games is led by Ella Romanos and Oscar Clark, who have over 30 years games industry experience between them. Ella oversees all things related to production and finance, and Oscar leads on game design, monetisation and marketing.

Ella Romanos

Ella began working in games in 2008, setting up her first game development studio as a graduate. Over the last decade Ella has founded three development studios, focusing on work for hire and development of own and licensed IP, with teams of up to 25 people.

Since 2014, Ella has also been providing strategic support as a consultant to other developers and organisations. With her background in programming and user experience design, and her experience in production, fundraising and company strategy, Ella works with a broad variety of companies to assist with the development of games and the games industry.

Ella regularly contributes to the UK games industry through her position on the UKIE board, regularly speaking at industry events and writing articles published by various games press. Over the last decade years she has been awarded finalist in the ‘Innovator Of The Year’ category for Women In Technology Awards, named in Develop’s ‘Top 30 under 30’, been a finalist in the TIGA Awards Leadership category and twice listed in MCV's UK Top 100 Women in Games including as a finalist in the ‘Business Woman of the Year’ category.

Oscar Clark

Oscar has a passion for games and online entertainment and for most of his career he’s been on the bleeding edge of Games As A Service.

As a game designer, product and business strategist he has extensive insight into what makes games successful and how to combine entertainment, community and sustainable businesses. Oscar now focuses on providing design, market suitability and monetisation advice to developers and organisations.

He is the author of Games As A Service: How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games and contributing author for ‘Mobile Developer’s Guide to The Galaxy. Over his career he has worked with Unity Technologies and nVidia as an Evangelist, PlayStation as Home Architect, Real Networks as marketing manager, Three as Global Lead for Games and led the vision for the Wireplay games initiative at BT. He is a regular speaker, games award judge and writer for games media and events across the world.

Our Services

Our reviews are designed to provide a cost effective way to get useful feedback or implementation of specific areas within your project. We offer discretionary indie discounts, contact us to discuss.

Market Feasibility Review

Market Feasibility Review

An in depth review of how well your game matches your audience and what success looks like.

Cost: £2400 | Download Report Summary

Production Readiness Review

Production Readiness Review

A rigorous checklist to ensure you have everything in place before production starts.

Cost: £2400 | Download Report Summary

Monetisation Review

Monetisation Review

A detailed design review of the commercial elements of your game. Requires market feasibility review first.

Cost: £4800 | Download Report Summary

Investor Readiness Review

Investor Readiness Review

A review of your pitch documentation and it’s fit with target investors.

Cost: £2400 | Report Summary coming soon

Marketing Plan Review

Marketing Plan Review

A persona led marketing plan review with recommendations.

Cost: £2400 | Report Summary coming soon

Game Design Review

Game Design Review

A detailed analysis of the mechanics, context loop and meta game for your title. Requires market feasibility review first.

Cost: £4800 | Report Summary coming soon

Live Ops Readiness Review

Live Ops Readiness Review

A detailed review and recommendations to ensure your game, team and infrastructure is ready for live operations. Requires production readiness review first.

Cost: £4800 | Report Summary coming soon

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

We can develop specific reports as required, this includes new concept creation, game design, production plans and monetisation design.

Contact us to discuss scope and cost.

We work with organisations on custom projects, as either a set piece of work, or on an ongoing basis.

Wigwam: Milestone Management System

Wigwam: Milestone Management System

Make use of our internally developed cloud-based Milestone Management System, available as a white-label solution. Wigwam helps you keep submissions and projects on schedule, enabling all stakeholders to know what's going on in your project at a glance.

Executive Production: Turning your ideas into reality

Executive Production: Turning your ideas into reality

We work with developers and IP owners to turn an idea into reality. We can work with you through the entire process, or help with specific elements, including development of game concepts and designs, production planning, live ops planning, finding/building teams, and project oversight.

Investor Support: Set up, oversight and deal flow

Investor Support: Set up, oversight and deal flow

We work with investors to assist with setup of funds, from business models, greenlight and oversight processes, to ongoing support with due diligence and oversight of projects, as well as providing deal flow.

Fund Raising Support

Fund Raising Support

We help developers and IP owners raise funding for projects, through our knowledge and network of active investors in the games industry.


Do you and your team need something to bring them together and harness their ability to deliver smart games as a service? Whether you have years of experience as a AAA or mobile developer, or even if your team are new to the mindset, getting a focused workshop on design, monetisation and operations can supercharge your team. We offer a range of half-day workshops for between 6 and 24 attendees.

Scalable Game Design

Everyone has a game idea they want to make; but the trick to successful game design in increasingly being able to develop engaging repeatable mechanics which can scale. To do this effectively we need to break the game down into its foundational elements; Mechanic, Context and Metagame. Core topics: Creating your Concept, Where is the Mechanic, Context and Personal Narratives and Metagame, the Game outside the Pixels.

Games As A Service

The secret sauce of the most successful teams is not the game concept or even the monetisation model; its how they manage the game as a service. This means building a game which accommodates the players journey over time; aligned with each stage of the Player Lifecycle. Core Topics: The Bond Opening – From Discovery To Learning, The Flash Gordon Cliff-hanger – From Learning To Engaging, The Star Wars Factor – From Engaging To Super-Engaging, The Columbo Twist – Understanding Retention and Churn.

Live Operations

Understanding how to structure your team to be able to build on success depends on getting your Live-Ops right. This is more than just having a community team; but includes a series of procedures and analytics which allow you to keep the experience feel like a living experience which is in a constant cycle of test, analysis and improvement. Core topics: Building retention with Event, Scheduling and monitoring Promotions, Predictable Content and Feature Releases, Service Level Agreements and constant improvement.

Monetisation Design

Designing games which monetise well requires that we understand the players ‘expectation of Future Value’. Building Life Time Value (LTV) is a two way concept as its vital to create positive engaging experience rather than obsessing about how we squeeze money out of players. Core Topics: Understanding Utility, Scarcity and Scale, Four Types and Four Forms of IAP, Leveraging Ads that players won’t hate, Focus on Repeat Purchase.

Investor Readiness

Successfully raising investment requires an understanding of how to pitch, as well as having an investable company or game. It can feel like a minefield and help on where to look and what to do can ensure you optimise your activities to improve your chances for investment. Core topics: Understanding the Investment Landscape, Targeting your Pitch, Identifying Appropriate Investors, Building your Pitch and Understanding what Investors Want.

Custom Workshops

We are also happy to develop Custom Workshops including expert led group reviews of client games on request.

Our workshops are 4 hour hands-on experiences where we explore each core topic first with a 20 min lecture, then 20 min group work and 20 min recap and review. This means that each participant comes out with practical actionable understanding of how to apply these techniques in their games.

For 6-12 people Workshops cost £2400 +VAT + travel/venue/catering costs (as required)
Additional participants (up to 24) can be added at £150pp + VAT. Custom workshops require additional preparation time, contact us for costs.

Example Projects

  • Market Suitability Review

    We were commissioned to review an early build of a game on behalf of the developer after an introduction from their investor. We identified a number of issues in core gameplay which impacted on both the first time user experience and long-term retention. Our detailed report provided examples of how those could be resolved and led to the client commissioning a follow-up Design Workshop involving the whole development team to explore the findings.

  • Investor Readiness Review & Fund Raising Support

    On behalf of a developer client we conducted a review of their game and pitch materials, in order to help prepare them for meetings with potential investors. We worked with the developer to identify and resolve potential weaknesses in their pitching documentation. We then introduced the developer client to suitable investors.

  • End-to-End Game Design & Executive Production

    We worked closely with an independent investor on their vision for a game, developing a workable and fully scoped design. We also sourced and briefed the developers, oversaw the production process including the testing cycle, and prepared the title for Live Operations.

  • Executive Production Oversight

    We worked on behalf of an investment firm to oversee the production of games projects they had invested in, from pre-production, through production and during release and live ops.

  • Market Feasibility Review & Due Diligence

    On behalf of an investor client, we conducted a high-level market review to consider the revenue potential of their investments. We leveraged public-domain data to create an accurate yet flexible business model template allowing the client to model different market scenarios, and made recommendations on how to improve their proposed investment model and process for working with developers.

  • Monetisation Design

    We worked closely with a blockchain funded AR game, balancing the stringent legal and platform requirements of the app Marketplace against the commitments made during the ICO. We proposed a player-centric design that brought together satisfying gameplay whilst supporting the value proposition of both the In-App-Purchases and the games blockchain currency.

  • Brand Strategy & Business Development

    We worked with an established non-games brand to develop a strategy for them to expand their brand into the games sector, then assisted in the implementation of that strategy by finding potential developers, assisting with reviewing pitches and negotiating licensing agreements.

  • Developer Mentoring

    We worked with an incubator program to mentor graduate teams on matters related to production, startup strategy, game design and commercial considerations of their games projects.

Free Templates

We provide these templates free of charge to assist developers in understanding processes they need to implement to be successful in different areas covering pitch, production, launch and ongoing operations.

These templates are a tool to help you get started. If you would like more detailed support please get in touch.

Marketing Plan Template

This document is designed to help you to define your marketing plan, by taking you through a 7 step process. The marketing plan will provide you with a plan for launching your game.

Live Ops Template

This document is designed to help you to understand what Live Ops involves and how to go about implementing your game to support it.

Business Strategy Template

This document is designed to help you to define your business strategy, by providing you with a one page plan, and taking you through a multi-step process to complete it. This process will help you to create and document your plan for creating and orienting your studio and games products.

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